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About us, network, computer repair and consulting services in Los Angeles, specializes in Mac OS and Apple software and hardware, network and I.T. solutions for your small to medium sized business. Whether you already have a network, need one installed because your business is growing, or need on-going onsite support and maintenance, I can help define your needs and find a solution that works for you. I can plan, implement and maintain the I.T. portion of your business so that you don’t have to. After I implement a solution, I will come in as needed or on a scheduled basis to maintain your system or give support when needed. If there’s ever a problem that arises, I am always on-call for your immediate needs anywhere, anytime.

Here at I take pride in my ¬†work, and your business seriously. I use only hardware and software that have a proven track record, for solutions in your workplace. I will always discuss and explain the solution to you. If there’s ever any doubt, I don’t take a chance, because so much is riding on your data.